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New Income Streams, Investment and Deal Flow from INNOVO Accelerator

INNOVO invests cash and resources in B2B innovators to accelerate them towards trade sale

INNOVO is a revolutionary accelerator for commercially scaling selected innovations rapidly through to a trade sale. We accelerate the commercial growth of promising, innovative B2B companies on a self financed basis. It helps them to raise capital more easily because of the attraction of faster trade exits at much higher valuations.

INNOVO offers angel networks and crowdfunding platforms:

  • INNOVO investment of cash and resources into angel network and crowdfunding companies
  • New screened deal flow from INNOVO
  • New income streams from:
  • -- Introducing B2B companies which INNOVO can accelerate towards exit.
  • -- Raising investment in INNOVO deal flow
  • Additional value added services for investee companies

Commercializing Innovation

INNOVO has developed a unique approach for dramatically improving the success rate of selected companies looking to commercialise innovation. INNOVO can continuously support companies through the investment life-cycle from bringing in new customers and sourcing investment right through to arranging exits. INNOVO’s approach leverages use of contingent resourcing to accelerate the development of the innovation. INNOVO can draw from a network of over 150,000 industry executives who can work on a fully contingent basis. This substantially de-risks and accelerates the full commercialisation of the innovation right through to a trade sale.

For investors, the knowledge that there is a team of self-financed industry executives backing the business and investing their own time substantially de-risks and strengthens the investment case. INNOVO’s contingent industry executives are heavily involved in selecting which business’s INNOVO partners with. Contingent executives tend to only back business with innovations when they are really confident they can contribute to a successful outcome. Furthermore, and most importantly, INNOVO’s approach can dramatically reduce the cash burn of the investee company. Companies with an innovation to commercialise can get access to blue chip quality executive resources and major new customers without needing to pay cash for the work.

We enable innovative companies to find new customers and enter new markets. We can also enable them to save on their own procurement by leveraging the buying power of much bigger companies.

INNOVO Executives can also accelerate a trade sale by simultaneously engaging with multiple target trade buyers. The resulting competitive auction yields a much higher valuation at trade sale.

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New Income Streams for Angel Networks and Crowdfunders

  • INNOVO invests cash and resources to accelerate your companies to trade sale
  • Access new deal flow for your investors which is being accelerated towards exit
  • New income streams from introducing investors and/or deal flow

Increased sales and resources - "No result, no fee"

Innovators use free INNOVO B2B Network to:

  • Enter new markets
  • Find new customers ready to buy
  • Save money on buying nearly all goods and services
  • INNOVO can engage directly with marketing partners and trade buyers
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Value of an Idea

Faster exits at much higher valuations

  • Executives can simultaneously engage many trade buyers for an optimum trade sale
  • A competitive auction between multiple trade buyers can maximise the valuation on exit
  • Innovations can also be packaged into separate parallel trade sales into different industry verticals

Use the INNOVO Accelerator

Why wait? Take advantage of a revolutionary accelerator for commercially scaling selected innovations rapidly through to a trade sale.

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Commercializing Innovation
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