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Self-financed deployment of proven innovations and new technologies

Countless innovations and new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, are rapidly disrupting whole industries. Most organisations can only afford to spend a small proportion of their income to source external innovation even though the rate of technological change is accelerating.

INNOVO offers the corporate screened, proven innovations and new technologies from numerous sources as well as from major global technology providers. INNOVO also provides global talent, supporting technological expertise and large-scale investment capital to fund deployment in return for a share of the value added. It funds the resources needed for innovation deployment enabling line management to focus on day to day running of the business.

Tech giants are disrupting industries with advanced technologies, large scale capital and the best talent. Vulnerable major corporates across many different industries and geographies can now self-finance the deployment these capabilities for themselves through INNOVO. Major corporates can use INNOVO to become disruptors before they are disrupted. Funded & Resourced External Innovation

We take the risk on successful commercialization and you share the success with us.

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Proven external innovations, new technologies and new products

  • INNOVO has access to thousands of innovation sources and new technologies
  • These can be commercially screened to find the most promising ones
  • What each innovation does and its commercial benefits can be targeted to your commercial needs

Relevant innovations, new technologies and new products:

  • Screen and evaluate flows of innovations from many different sources
  • Enabling the selection of innovations with best fit for your organisation’s requirements
  • Facilitating contracting with innovation suppliers on beneficial terms via INNOVO Network
  • The capability to commercialise your own internal innovations and spin-outs with self-financed resources
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Value of an Idea

We can finance and resource corporate innovation

  • Corporate Entrepreneurs can deploy proven innovations in return for a fair share of the value added
  • If you are a major corporate, we can set up an Innovation Vehicle (IV) alongside you which we can finance and resource
  • The IV rapidly screens, evaluates, tests and deploys innovations and new technologies with the best global talent accessing large scale capital
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