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Source external innovations and commercialize your own innovations with self-financed resources

Commercializing Innovation

We discover and screen external innovations and technologies for organisations to leverage. Internal innovations can also be commercialized into new customers and new markets. We provide a comprehensive range of resources on a ‘no result, no fee’ basis, just a fair share of the value we add.

Our open innovation network delivers a flow of external innovations which we have screened for their relevance to your organisation. We can undertake specific technology searches to find innovation and solution proposals. This expands your innovation pipeline and enhances your new product development processes.
Types of innovation offered include:

  • Product Innovation
  • Process Innovation
  • Sustainability Innovation
  • Service Innovation
  • Value Chain Innovation
  • Channel Innovation
  • Cost Innovation
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Customer Experience Innovation

We can externally commercialize promising innovations from within your organisation on a self-financed basis. This enables you to realise income from those of your innovations which are not core to your business. This includes spin-offs and technology ventures. Besides providing all the resources needed, we can also raise finance for the project.

Providing that our share of the value added can justify our investment, a comprehensive range of resources and partnerships are available to commercialize your innovations. We take the risk on successful commercialization and you share the success with us.

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Build up a stream of screened external innovations

We can submit external innovations ready for you to commercialize. Current examples include:

  • Procurement innovation generating savings on nearly all spend
  • Innovation for new customer acquisition and new market entry
  • New technology innovations

Access over 1 million innovation solution providers

Commercialize your internal innovations

  • Access a wide range of resources to commercialize your internal innovations
  • ‘No results, no fee’, just a fair share of the value we add
  • Monetize non-core innovations and spin-offs at no cost
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Value of an Idea

New ways of rapidly sourcing and leveraging innovation

  • We can forge fast innovation partnerships and technology ventures
  • Our self-financed resources include: executives, marketing, finance, business development, IT and support services
  • Connect to a rapidly growing global innovation network
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