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Sell Innovations to Businesses at No Cost, Just a Share of the Savings

We can sell proven external innovations and new products to multi-$bn corporates and medium sized businesses for a share of the value added in cost savings and increased sales.

We screen innovations, new products and new technologies for major corporate customers as well as for medium sized businesses. We can then actually finance and resource the deployment of selected proven innovations inside the new customer. If your innovation, new product or new technology is proven and selected, we can sell it into multiple new customers in different industries and different geographies whether they are in the private, public or non-profit sectors.

  • The INNOVO proposition is that we can sell your innovation at no cost.
  • Instead, you share actual cost savings with your new customers by using the INNOVO Innovation and INNOVO Network platforms.
  • INNOVO also enables you save on ALL the goods and services that you buy from your suppliers.

Selling Innovations New Products at no cost

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Rapid Commercial Acceleration

  • Rapidly engage major new multi-$billion corporate customers
  • Sell your innovation into new industries and new markets
  • INNOVO can finance the deployment of your innovation inside new customers

INNOVO Platforms enhance Operations & Sales

  • There is no cost to sell through INNOVO, just share your savings with new customers
  • Save on your own procurement of all goods and services
  • Use INNOVO to find external innovations for your own organisation
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Value of an Idea

Raise capital more easily and reduce cash burn

  • Reduce cash spent on procurement and sales & marketing costs
  • Rapid commercial growth makes it easier to raise capital
  • Increased sales of new products enhance your share price/li>
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