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Invest Directly in Corporate Innovation and Create Social Impact

Corporates are not keeping up with new technologies. Although technological change is accelerating rapidly, shareholders demanding share buyback has cut R&D by 38% in 10 years. Corporates also lack the resources to screen and adopt the best external technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. This leaves them vulnerable to disruption by Tech giants.

Invest in Technologies into $bn Corporates

INNOVO self-finances external innovation. We select proven external innovations and new technologies by first screening many. It finances their deployment in a major corporate in return for a share of the value added. This value share is captured in an Innovation Vehicle (IV) alongside the corporate partner.

Invest in new technologies into major corporates. An IV yields projected 6x returns for investors with ongoing liquidity from proven new technologies being scaled inside multi-$bn global corporates.

Investor Returns from Proven Innovations and New Technologies
at Multi-$bn Corporates

INNOVO can screen vast global databases of innovations and new technologies as well artificial intelligence, machine learning and other advanced technologies from major providers like IBM. The most successful ones can be rapidly deployed within the corporate by the technological expertise that INNOVO brings to the IV supported by capital from investors.
Investors share in the IV’s earnings from leveraging proven innovations, new technologies and new products through the major corporate.

12 Innovation Vehicles (IVs) Being Set Up in Different Industries Following High Demand

Cold approaches to over 150 corporates were made at the start of 2018 and 60% responded. INNOVO has already set up an IV beside a US$30bn defence contractor where deployment of the first innovation has been agreed.

Very high corporate interest has already led to initial discussions with 21 other corporates from various industries, so 12 further industry IVs are being set up in the automotive, healthcare, food, energy, IT, financial services, telecoms, manufacturing, utilities and retail industries. The size of potential corporate partners varies from $1bn revenue nationals up to $150bn+ global corporations.

The Innovation Vehicle deploys technologies; expertise and capital into the corporate partner in return for a share of the value added in cost savings or increased sales.

INNOVO’s 350+ senior executives and 50 partners have invested US$56m in 6 years to develop all the know-how and processes to screen and deploy innovations and form rapid partnerships with corporates. Financial operations are to be handled by a ‘Big 4’ accountancy firm audited by another of the ‘Big 4’ firms.

Projected 6x Return over 3 Years with Ongoing Liquidity via a Share Trading Platform

$380m of investment is being raised for a corporate IV with the US$30bn defence contractor. A further US$19 m each is being raised for the 12 other industry IVs.

Investment is invited from US$10k to US$100m+ per IV. Projected returns are 6x over 3 years although the first US$1m of investment is offered at 1/10th of valuation (projected 16x return). There is ongoing liquidity for IV shareholders via a share trading platform offering partial exits to subsequent new investors.

Social Impact Investment

Invest Corporates Innovation for Social Impact

10% of INNOVO’s income goes to good causes. The scale of being able to engage with numerous multi-$bn corporates across many different industries enables INNOVO to have a very wide range of large-scale social impacts. Each $1m invested is projected to yield $0.2m - $5.8m over 3 years for good causes nominated by the investor.

Investors can focus their investment into individual corporates, specific industries or adopt a portfolio investment strategy.

Investors can nominate their preferred good causes to receive ongoing flows of money which are paid by one of the 'Big 4' accountancy firms and audited by another of the 'Big 4' firms.

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