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Invest in Large Scale Venture Capital in Major Corporate JVs

Leverage the Driving Forces of Tech Tornadoes with Major Corporates

INNOVO leverages the customers, brand and operational scale of a major corporate by setting up a Joint Venture (JV). They are called Corporate Cyclone JVs because they deploy the 5 driving forces that are making the Tech tornadoes so successful at disrupting industry after industry

  • An ambitious, driven Founder/CEO with a passion for innovation
  • A long-term strategy with the corporate
  • Access to $bn of venture capital
  • The best technologies screened by INNOVO Innovation
  • The best global talent

Corporate Cyclones via JV

Venture Capital for Corporate JVs

There are now numerous types of ongoing opportunities to invest $1m+ to $1 billion+ in INNOVO joint ventures with major corporates. The JVs can rapidly transform their corporate partners with these five driving forces:

  • Enhancing the earnings growth rate (Tech tornadoes have a growth rate of 93% p.a.)
  • Improve the PE ratio applied to the corporate
  • Further improve the corporate balance sheet from its stake in the JV

  • Acquire INNOVO Know-how and JV Processes

  • Start Leveraging INNOVO’s Commercial Inputs

  • Access Corporates, Innovations and Investors
INNOVO Know-how, Processes & Commercial Inputs
Full Commercial Engagement of INNOVO’s Capabilities

The prospective Founder/CEO can leverage all of INNOVO’s capabilities and start generating new income streams while the JV is being set up.

Our global vision is to offer an INNOVO Corporate Cyclone JV to every corporate (turnover above $500m). A JV has 4 shareholders/option holders: the corporate, INNOVO, the talent starting with the Founder/CEO and external investors.

Investment Banks

Introducing Corporate Cyclone JVs are particularly relevant to investment banks for existing and new corporate clients. Like the Tech tornadoes that they emulate, Corporate Cyclone JVs have very large-scale appetites for investment capital, much greater than the traditional corporate. These capital needs start immediately with the establishment of the JV and then accelerate rapidly as the best global talent at the Corporate Cyclone JV deploy the latest technologies at the corporate partner.

The value of the JV depends on the size of the corporate partner which can range from $500m revenues to the biggest Global 2000 corporation. JVs can be set up in all major industries and can operate in any geography. Core financial operations are to be handled by one of the ‘Big 4’ accountancy firms and audited by another of the ‘Big 4’.

Who We Are

First of all, it is essential that you share our values:

  • We strive for the highest ethical standards. This is reflected in the retrospective fairness that underpins all our contracts, governance and relationships.
  • We have a parallel commitment to commercialising innovation and to making a difference to good causes:
Expressions of Investment Interest

There are many different investment opportunities in Corporate Cyclone JVs:

  • Initial investment with a Founder/CEO in the Vehicle for the JV before the corporate partner has joined: $1m - $20m+
  • Initial investment in a newly formed Cyclone JV with a corporate partner: $50m - $1bn+ depending on the size of the corporate partner and the scale of the vision and business plan for the JV
  • Ongoing investment in the fully operational Cyclone JV: $1bn - $’10s of billions depending on the size of the corporate partner and the scale of the vision and business plan for the JV

Additionally, we are receptive to investors approaching us with Founder/CEOs and/or corporate partners that they have already lined up.

If you are interested in investing and/or working with us, please contact us on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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