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Deploy Innovations at Major Organisations for an Uncapped Share of Value Added

Become a Corporate Entrepreneur

Funded & Resourced External InnovationsCorporate Entrepreneurs take proven innovations and new technologies from INNOVO’s many sources and deploy the most promising ones at major organisations for an uncapped fair share of the value that they add.
Corporate Entrepreneurs ideally will have an entrepreneur’s mindset coupled with experience as a senior corporate executive. They represent the best talent from the corporate world who thrive at the leading edge of change and innovation. They are ambitious and highly driven, often frustrated with the constraints of the corporate treadmill and impatient with internal politics. Corporate Entrepreneurs are self-starters who drive the projects that they believe in.

There are several ways of becoming a Corporate Entrepreneur:

  • Employer: Your employer sponsors you through the Corporate Entrepreneur Programme to deploy innovations at your employer. Fortunately, there are innovations and new technologies ready for immediate deployment so that you can demonstrate early commercial potential. If your employer is a major corporate with revenues of over $500m, this can be the first step to setting up a Corporate Innovation Vehicle (IV) with INNOVO.
  • Other Organisations: Join one of the organisations interested in recruiting Corporate Entrepreneurs to deploy INNOVO’s innovations and new technologies. If the organisation is a large corporate, this may be with a view to setting up a Corporate Innovation Vehicle (IV).
  • Investor: An investor investing in a IV before the corporate partner has joined can recruit Corporate Entrepreneurs with INNOVO.
  • Freelance Corporate Entrepreneur: You can go through the Corporate Entrepreneur Programme either with an investor sponsoring you or financed with your own resources.
  • Established Consultant: You can add INNOVO’s Corporate Entrepreneur income potential by undertaking the Corporate Entrepreneur Programme.

Innovation Vehicle (IV) Share Value Added from Innovations it Deploys at the Corporate

Investor Returns from Proven Innovations and New Technologies at Multi-$bn Corporates.
INNOVO can screen vast global databases of innovations and new technologies as well artificial intelligence, machine learning and other advanced technologies from major providers like IBM. The most successful ones can be rapidly deployed within the corporate by the technological expertise that INNOVO brings to the IV supported by capital from investors.

Investors share in the IV’s earnings from leveraging proven innovations, new technologies and new products through the major corporate.

Their wide ranging and fast-moving responsibilities include:

  • Screening, testing and then swiftly deploying the best innovations and new technologies in the corporate partner and other organisations.
  • Forging swift joint ventures with other organisations with complementary capabilities.
  • Entering new markets and other industries.
  • Developing new products.
  • Working with some of the best global talent on a strategy derived from a vision and business plan spanning decades with access to $ billions of capital.

We have recruited hundreds of such Corporate Entrepreneurs to build INNOVO so we know what to look for and how to help them develop in a very different, exciting commercial ecosystem. We have already invested $50m to develop the expertise, commercial inputs, processes and overall architecture to enable Corporate Innovation Vehicles. Core financial operations are to be handled by one of the ‘Big 4’ accountancy firms and audited by another of the ‘Big 4’.

Corporate Entrepreneurs accept early risks to create life changing uncapped personal capital gains. Unlike a tech start-up which starts with only founder’s passion and innovative idea, the IV is set up alongside a major corporate. The IV immediately connects and leverages the corporate’s customers, brand, operations and infrastructure with all of INNOVO’s architecture, knowledge, infrastructure partners and processes. The rapid growth of the IV presents fast career development which attracts the best talent. INNOVO gives 10% of its own IV income to good causes further motivating talent also committed to making a difference.

The INNOVO Corporate Entrepreneurs Program

If you believe that you have the entrepreneurial passion. the corporate experience and above all, the talent to become a Corporate Entrepreneur in a major Corporate Innovation Vehicle (IV), please apply for the INNOVO Corporate Entrepreneur Program. This comprises four core components, which are executed in parallel:

  • Acquire INNOVO Know-how and IV Processes

  • Start Leveraging INNOVO’s Commercial Inputs

  • Access Corporates, Innovations and Investors
INNOVO Know-how, Processes & Commercial Inputs

Full Commercial Engagement of INNOVO’s Capabilities

Depending on their objectives, the Corporate Entrepreneur can do some or all of the following:

  • Demonstrate the skills to deploy these capabilities with
  • -- A corporate sponsor as a precursor to setting up an Innovation Vehicle.
    -- Other organisations of different sizes to start accruing income streams ahead of a IV.
  • Raise the initial investment needed to support an application to INNOVO to become the Founder/CEO of a Corporate Innovation Vehicle with a major corporate.

How to Enter the Corporate Entrepreneur Program

Who We Are

It is essential that you share our values:

  • We strive for the highest ethical standards. This is reflected in the retrospective fairness that underpins all our contracts, governance and relationships.
  • Alongside our commercial goals, we are committed to making a difference to good causes:

If you don’t share these values, INNOVO will not work for you.

Apply for Entry to the Corporate Entrepreneurs Program

Apply by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. sending us your CV, LinkedIn url and a summary of why you believe you have what it takes to become a Corporate Entrepreneur.

If we and you both think that you’re up to it, you can join the Program and access the know-how, processes, INNOVO commercial inputs and external inputs set out above.

Program Cost: $25,000

There is a one-off cost of 25,000 USD to participate in the Program. This gives the Corporate Entrepreneur access to all INNOVO’s know-how, processes and commercial inputs. INNOVO also grants a Corporate Entrepreneur 250,000 USD worth of shares in the Innovation Vehicle.

There are two routes to fully financing your transition to Corporate Entrepreneur so that you continue to meet all your existing financial obligations:

Corporate Sponsor

You can persuade your employer or a major corporate interested in an IV to sponsor you through the Corporate Entrepreneur Programme ($25k fee). Fortunately, there are innovations and new technologies ready for immediate deployment so that you can demonstrate the commercial potential to the corporate partner even before the IV is set up.

Initial Investor

You can raise the initial capital for your Corporate Innovation Vehicle as a proposition for your industry from an investor such as a PE firm, investment bank or corporate finance house. This enables you to approach multiple corporate targets in an industry in order to find the right partner. The proven new technologies that you deploy can start generating revenues even before the IV is set up.

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