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Rapidly Deploy the Driving Forces of Tech Tornado for your Own Business

Tech tornadoes are disrupting industry after industry because they deploy 5 driving forces – a passion for innovation, a long-term strategy, vast sums of venture capital, the best technologies and best global talent. You can now deploy these forces for your own business simply by setting a Joint Venture (JV) with INNOVO. Called a Corporate Cyclone JV, it enables you to:

  • Attract the best global talent including a CEO with a passion for innovation
  • Access $bn of venture capital
  • Develop and execute a meaningful long-term strategy
  • Deploy the best technologies screened by INNOVO Innovation

Corporate Cyclones

Cyclone Joint Ventures with INNOVO for Major Corporates with INNOVO

The Corporate Cyclone JV is a hybrid between a corporate and a Tech tornado. The corporate simply sets up a joint venture with INNOVO. After $50m of investment over 6 years, INNOVO has developed the expertise, commercial inputs and processes to offer the corporate all the powerful driving forces used by Tech Tornadoes. Each of the many JVs envisaged will have an ambitious Founder/CEO with a passion for innovation who develops a long-term strategy for the JV with the corporate. The JV as a separate company can access $ billions of external venture capital and the best technologies from INNOVO. Above all, a Corporate Cyclone JV with INNOVO can attract and reward the very best global talent. The JV is owned by the corporate, INNOVO, its talented corporate entrepreneurs and its investors.

INNOVO has access to thousands of innovation sources and new technologies which are commercialised on its B2B trading platform INNOVO Network. A stream of the most successful ones can be rapidly tested and deployed within the corporate by the talent at its JV.

The size of the corporate partner which can range from $500m revenues to the biggest Global 2000 corporations. JVs can be set up across all the major industries except regulated financial services and can operate in any geography. The core financial operations of INNOVO and its JVs are to be handled globally by one of the ‘Big 4’ accountancy firms and audited by another of the ‘Big 4’ firms.

Testing and then Setting up a JV

There are two stages in first testing INNOVO’s capabilities and then setting up the cyclone JV with INNOVO:

  1. Sponsor Talented Executives to Become Corporate Entrepreneurs
  2. The corporate partner can sponsor several of their most talented executives to become Corporate Entrepreneurs. It can also recruit external candidates. There is a one-off cost of $25,000 for each Corporate Entrepreneur to access INNOVO’s know-how, processes, commercial inputs and income streams to achieve this:

    • Acquire INNOVO Know-how and JV Processes

    • Start Leveraging INNOVO’s Commercial Inputs

    • Access Corporates, Innovations and Investors
    INNOVO Know-how, Processes & Commercial Inputs

    These Corporate Entrepreneurs can immediately start to work with the corporate on:

    • Screening, testing and deploying the best innovations and new technologies from INNOVO’s countless sources.
    • Taking the corporate into new markets and new customers.
    • Developing new products.
    • Creating new income streams ahead of the establishment of the JV.
    • Submitting a vision and long-term strategy for the Corporate Cyclone JV.
    • Attract other Corporate Entrepreneurs to work in the JV.
    • Explore external sources of large-scale venture capital for the JV.

    Progress at delivering the above objectives will enable the corporate partner and INNOVO to select the best Founder/CEO for the JV.

    Apart from the initial cost of each executive joining Corporate Entrepreneur Programme, the joint venture is completely self-financed raising its own external capital.

  3. The Corporate Partner and INNOVO form the JV
  4. As soon as the corporate partner is satisfied that the initial deployment of some of these early capabilities justify it, the corporate partner can go ahead and rapidly form the Corporate Cyclone JV with INNOVO.

    The best of the Corporate Entrepreneurs is appointed Founder/CEO of the Corporate Cyclone JV between the corporate partner and INNOVO. The agreed vision and long-term strategy for the JV enables it to raise substantial sums of capital and attract more of the best global talent. This enables it to deploy the best innovations and new technologies that INNOVO has found from its countless external sources.

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