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Accelerate commercial growth towards exits with ‘no results, no fee’ resources.

INNOVO accelerates the commercial growth of promising, innovative B2B companies on a 'no results, no fee' basis. It helps them to raise capital more easily. INNOVO can also enable ongoing liquidity for shareholders on the way up to faster exits at much higher valuations.

We would love to hear from you if:

  • Your business has growing sales of over $5m p.a.
  • Your goods or services are relevant to multiple geographies and industries
  • You and your shareholders are seeking an exit within the next 5 years at a valuation over $20m

Innovators - Faster Exits at Higher Valuations

We only work with businesses that we genuinely believe we can help. We do so for a fair share of the all the extra value that we can rapidly create together. If we think we can add enough value, here’s what we can help you achieve with all of our resources on a ‘no results, no fee’ basis:

  • Accelerate your commercial growth by taking you simultaneously into multiple new markets.
  • Help you raise capital more easily and reduce your cash burn.
  • Enable you and your shareholders to start enjoying ongoing liquidity within months.
  • Achieve an exit within 2 years usually by simultaneously engaging with multiple target trade buyers.

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Raise capital more easily and reduce cash burn

  • INNOVO can recruit and deploy Senior Executives from a pool of 150,000 on a ‘no results, no fee’ basis
  • They can accelerate capital raise and justify higher valuations
  • Contingent resourcing can reduce future cash burn by over 90%

Rapid commercial acceleration

  • INNOVO Executives can:
  • Find new customers ready to buy
  • Enter new markets
  • Save money on buying nearly all goods and services
  • Senior Executives can engage directly with trade partners
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Ongoing liquidity for shareholders and fast exits

  • Adapting the equity structure can confer ongoing investment liquidity
  • Each subsequent investor can be an opportunity for a partial exit
  • Executives can engage multiple trade buyers for optimum trade sale/li>
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