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Connecting a Major Corporate to Talent, Technology and Capital

Be the Founder/CEO of a Corporate Innovation Vehicle

An INNOVO corporate Innovation Vehicle (IV) deploys proven external innovations, new products and new technologies into multi-$bn corporates for a share of the value added in cost savings or increased sales. There is a short video on:

A corporate Innovation Vehicle (IV) is independently funded with access to $’00m of capital and is set up alongside a multi-$bn corporate. The IV immediately connects and leverages the corporate’s customers, brand, operations and infrastructure with a stream of proven external innovations, new products, new technologies and new income streams.

INNOVO’s financial operations are to be handled by one of the ‘Big 4’ accountancy firms and audited by another of the ‘Big 4’ giving INNOVO global reach immediately. Although INNOVO is headquartered in the UK, its operations are international and its transactions are in US$.

A Vehicle with a $10bn corporate partner for example, is projected to have revenues of $650m and high profits because the external innovations are proven and deployed immediately at corporate scale.

Role of the CEO

The Vehicle is led by a CEO who is a ‘mover and shaker’ with a passion for innovation who will be fully supported by INNOVO’s resources. The CEO will be credible to a major corporate as well as to large-scale institutional investors interested in investing $’00m.

The CEO builds and leads a team of Corporate Entrepreneurs who take proven innovations and new technologies from INNOVO’s many sources and deploy the most promising ones at the major partner for an uncapped fair share of the value that they add. The CEO negotiates the IV’s share of the cost savings or increased sales with corporate partner and then lead the execution of innovation deployment.

Besides its major corporate partner, the CEO will also build a base of medium sized companies as customers for the innovations and new technologies.

The rapid growth of the IV presents extraordinarily fast career development for the CEO and the best talent that he/she can attract as a result. Indeed, there is no limit to the growth that an IV can pursue.

  • Acquire INNOVO Know-how and IV Processes

  • Start Leveraging INNOVO’s Commercial Inputs

  • Access Corporates, Innovations and Investors
INNOVO Know-how, Processes & Commercial Inputs

Working with Other Founder/CEOs

In addition to all the know-how and inputs available to Corporate Entrepreneurs, CEOs can join the INNOVO community of other Founder/CEOs setting up Innovation Vehicle (IV)s in different industries and geographies. They will be able to leverage the very similar and collective needs of all the IVs across most types of service providers such as lawyers, marketing, PR, recruitment, IT. We have already arranged for one of the ‘Big 4’ accountancy firms to undertake core financial operations globally with another of the ‘Big 4’ for audit.

Becoming a Founder/CEO

The CEO and his/her team of Corporate Entrepreneurs will develop an entrepreneur’s mindset coupled with experience as a senior corporate executive. They represent the best talent from the corporate world who thrive at the leading edge of change and innovation. They are ambitious and highly driven, often frustrated with the constraints of the corporate treadmill and impatient with internal politics. CEOs are self-starters who drive the projects that they believe in.

The Rewards

The total remuneration package is derived from tech giants and Silicon Valley but leveraged by the immediate scale of a multi-$bn corporate.

The initial remuneration is $308k p.a. of salary and contingent pay. Additionally, there uncapped share options are offered which are derived from the value that you create in your IV. The value of share options that you can earn is projected to be $4.3 million at the initial discounted valuation rising to $43 million by the end of year 3.

Each IV has its own share trading platform enabling shares and share options to trade on an ongoing basis.

10% of INNOVO’s revenues goes to good causes so your work can also make a difference.

Two-Way Selection Process

We are recruiting the next CEOs for retail, defence and healthcare IVs in the UK, mainland Europe and the USA. The role of an INNOVO CEO and the way we work is very different from a corporate environment. The nearest equivalent corporate role is that of Chief Innovation Officer but with much more commercial autonomy.

We see recruitment as a two-way process and so we offer a remunerated two-way selection process that enables you and us to mutually explore working together. You can work with us in this initial process, part-time or full time, and start achieving your primary objectives as a prospective CEO. Whether you go on to join us as or not, we will remunerate you for the objectives achieved.

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