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Connecting a Major Corporate to Talent, Technology and Capital

Be the Founder/CEO of a Corporate Innovation Vehicle

You now have the opportunity to deploy all of the forces of Tech tornadoes in your industry in a Corporate Innovation Vehicle (IV) that you set up. They are called Corporate Innovation Vehicle (IV)s because they deploy the 5 driving forces that are making the Tech tornadoes so successful at disrupting industry after industry:

Unlike a tech start-up which starts with only the founder’s passion and innovative idea, the Innovation Vehicle (IV) is set up alongside a major corporate. The IV immediately connects and leverages the corporate’s customers, brand, operations and infrastructure with all of INNOVO’s know-how, processes, stream of innovations and new income streams. This immediate scale minimises early risks to create an opportunity for life changing, uncapped personal capital gains for founders. The rapid growth of the IV presents extraordinarily fast career development for you and the best talent that you can attract as a result. Indeed, there is no limit to the growth that your IV can pursue with access to the latest technologies, the best talent and access to $ billions of venture capital. INNOVO gives 10% of its own IV income to good causes enabling you to make a difference as well.

The Founder/CEO of an Innovation Vehicle is a truly exceptional individual capable of leading other Corporate Entrepreneurs in a IV:

On top of the all the abilities of the Corporate Entrepreneurs, the Founder/CEO will have to be able to:

  • Secure the initial investor to acquire the initial stake in the Innovation Vehicle.
  • Develop the vision and long-term strategy for the IV to attract the corporate partner.
  • Attract, motivate and develop the best global talent to become Corporate Entrepreneurs in the IV.
  • Be capable of raising $ billions of venture capital to fund the IV.
  • Successfully execute the strategy accepting the risks and overcoming the obstacles that arise.

INNOVO can assist with know-how, processes, commercial inputs and income streams to achieve this:

  • Acquire INNOVO Know-how and IV Processes

  • Start Leveraging INNOVO’s Commercial Inputs

  • Access Corporates, Innovations and Investors
INNOVO Know-how, Processes & Commercial Inputs

Working with Other Founder/CEOs

In addition to all the know-how and inputs available to Corporate Entrepreneurs, you can join the INNOVO community of other Founder/CEOs setting up Innovation Vehicle (IV)s in different industries and geographies.

You will be able to leverage the very similar and collective needs of all the IVs across most types of service providers such as lawyers, marketing, PR, recruitment, IT. We have already arranged for one of the ‘Big 4’ accountancy firms to undertake core financial operations globally with another of the ‘Big 4’ for audit. You can introduce your existing service provider connections to INNOVO Network where they can register and become Accredited service providers to many other IVs. A large part of the work will be the same ‘template’ for their work for a succession of IVs. Your own IV will therefore be a particularly attractive gateway for them to many other clients.

This collective approach by Founder/CEOs to investors also provides large-scale access to $ billions from investors who understand the full potential of Innovation Vehicle (IV)s and their ability to leverage the driving forces behind the Tech tornadoes. Indeed, introducing an investor such as an investment bank of private equity firm enables you and your IV to earn commission from its subsequent investment in other Innovation Vehicle (IV)s.

Becoming a Founder/CEO

There are two routes in which you can become the Founder/CEO of an IV:

Route 1: Founder/CEO Sets up the IV

This route involves three stages in forming the Innovation Vehicle (IV) with a corporate:

  1. Secure an Initial Investor
  2. Find an initial investor who is prepared to invest $1m+ in acquiring with you, a stake in a Vehicle which goes on to form the IV with a corporate partner. It makes sense for you to become a Corporate Entrepreneur at the outset of this process and start demonstrating the value that you can create in the prospective IV leveraging all of INNOVO’s commercial inputs.

  3. Set up the Vehicle for the IV
  4. You and your first investor to acquire a stake in the INNOVO Vehicle which will then form the IV with the corporate partner. This Vehicle can trade in its own right, leveraging all the INNOVO commercial inputs.

  5. The Vehicle then Forms the IV with the Corporate Partner
  6. You can reach out to the target corporate partner(s) to engage with. These potential corporate partners can be in any industry or geography but ideally should have annual revenues over $500m. The IV is formed between the corporate partner and the Vehicle, so the IV would comprise the corporate partner, INNOVO, you as Founder/CEO and the initial investor.

Route 2: Persuade the Corporate Partner Explore Setting up a IV

This route involves two stages in the corporate joining an Innovation Vehicle (IV) with INNOVO:

  1. You Persuade the Corporate to be Your Sponsor
  2. You persuade a corporate to sponsor you ($25,000) to become a Corporate Entrepreneur as a way of demonstrating in small scale, some of the potential of the Innovation Vehicle (IV). Your corporate sponsor could be your employer or another corporate which wants you to deploy the forces of a Tech tornado through IV.

    As a Corporate Entrepreneur, you can immediately start to work on:

    -- Screening, testing and deploying the best innovations and new technologies from INNOVO’s countless sources into the corporate.

    -- Taking the corporate into new markets and new customers.

    -- Developing new products.

    -- Creating new income streams ahead of the establishment of the IV.

    -- Submitting a vision and long-term strategy for the Corporate Cyclone IV.

    -- Exploring external sources of large-scale venture capital for the IV.

    Early progress at delivering the above objectives will enable you to persuade the corporate to partner with an Innovation Vehicle (IV).

  3. Set up the Vehicle for the IV
  4. You and your first investor to acquire a stake in the INNOVO Innovation Vehicle (IV) which will subsequently partner with a corporate. This Vehicle can trade in its own right, leveraging all the INNOVO commercial inputs.

  5. The Corporate Partner and INNOVO form the IV
  6. You then actually form the IV between the corporate partner and INNOVO with you as Founder/CEO.

If you are interested in becoming a Founder/CEO of a Corporate Innovation Vehicle (IV), you will need to have either:

  • An initial investor of $1m+ lined to acquire with you the initial stake in the Vehicle for the IV.

  • - or -

  • A corporate sponsor who is sponsoring you as a precursor to setting up a IV.

Either route can start immediately by becoming a Corporate Entrepreneur.

Apply to be Founder/CEO by email: Click on the link below and send us: your CV, LinkedIn url, a summary of why you believe you have what it takes to become a CEO and confirmation that you have either an initial investor or corporate sponsor lined up.

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