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Investment Liquidity Before Accelerating Exits at Higher Valuations

INNOVO and its many partners can deliver faster trade sales of selected B2B portfolio companies within 2 years at much higher valuations. Fast Exits at High Valuations - SUMMARYIt offers PE firms and VCs higher and faster returns not only from within their portfolio, but also from value added, selected external deal flow with high liquidity.

The new liquidity arises from INNOVO’s ability of to provide a very wide range of resources and services for growth on a self-financed basis, substantially reducing the cash that the company needs for expansion. At the same time, an innovative form of ‘share options’ with trading rights give shareholders and INNOVO access to ongoing partial exits from new investors. These can include a Listed INNOVO Investment Fund connecting the company to stock market investors through the Fund.

Immediate cost savings can be generated on INNOVO’s global procurement network which also provides free access to new customers. INNOVO can draw on hundreds of senior executives and consultants covering virtually all skills and experience. Rapid partnerships can be forged by for the company by INNOVO taking it into new markets and geographies as well as providing it with new technologies. Its trade sale partners are in dialogue with over 50,000 potential acquirers. Over a hundred potential trade buyers can be approached before a competitive trade sale.

All these services, partnerships and resources are provided on a ‘no results, no fee’ basis, just a fair share of the value created by INNOVO and all of its partners.

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Faster exits at higher valuations

  • Trade sale within 2 years for eligible companies
  • Current valuation doubles within first 6 months
  • Ongoing investment proves higher valuations with partial exit options

Immediate and ongoing liquidity

  • New share options with trading rights enable ongoing exits
  • Partial exits to stock market investors via INNOVO Listed Fund
  • Contingent resources can cut cash burn by 99%
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Value of an Idea

Value adding partnerships and resources

  • Marketing partnerships to enter new markets and geographies
  • Access hundreds of executives and consultants on "no result, no fee"
  • Approach over potential trade buyers within 2 years
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