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Provide Services to Major Corporates and their Innovation Vehicles (IV)

Corporates Across All Industries Seeking Service Providers for New IVs

Countless innovations and new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, are rapidly disrupting whole industries. Most organisations can only afford to spend a small proportion of their income to source external innovation even though the rate of technological change is accelerating.

INNOVO offers the corporate screened, proven innovations and new technologies from numerous sources as well as from major global technology providers. INNOVO also provides global talent, supporting technological expertise and large-scale investment capital to fund deployment in return for a share of the value added. It funds the resources needed for innovation deployment enabling line management to focus on day to day running of the business.

Funded & Resourced External Innovation

Tech giants are disrupting industries with advanced technologies, large scale capital and the best talent. Vulnerable major corporates across many different industries and geographies can now self-finance the deployment these capabilities for themselves through INNOVO. Major corporates can use INNOVO to become disruptors before they are disrupted.

Each Corporate and Its IV Will Need the Full Range of Business Services

These Corporate Innovation Vehicle (IV)s will immediately leverage the customers, brand and operational scale of major corporates with revenues of over $500m right up to Global 2000 corporations. The roll out of IVs is to be undertaken on a global scale across all industries and in all geographies so we have already arranged for one of the ‘Big 4’ accountancy firms to handle core financial operations globally and for another of the ‘Big 4’ to undertake the auditing.

The size of each Innovation Vehicle (IV) will reflect the size of its corporate partner and their access to $ billions of venture capital will rapidly make these very big businesses. The IVs will have immediate appetites for the full range business services. The acceleration of new technologies, new products and new market entry that the IV drives at the corporate will also trigger tornado-type growth in demand for a wide range of business services within the corporate itself.

INNOVO knows how to set up super-fast JVs within weeks instead of months and the early business service needs will be very similar for each of the many IVs envisaged with variations for geography and industry. The following services are therefore particularly relevant now the global roll-out has been announced:

Corporates and investment banks and PE firms have a need for:
-- Corporate entrepreneurs for JVs:
-- Founder/CEOs of JVs:
The opportunity to rapidly build a very large IV will appeal to the best global talent.


INNOVO’s contracts are based on retrospective fairness and governance underpinned by independent binding arbitration which enable us to forge lasting partnerships and IVs incredibly quickly. The following early legal work as each IV is set up will be template in nature with only local variations such as: IV incorporation, equity and investment, contracts with Corporate Entrepreneurs and Founder/CEOs.

It is more important to satisfy the very high levels of corporate demand anticipated for IVs than to face legal capacity bottlenecks from large numbers of waiting for the conclusion of legal work before becoming operational. Consequently, the fees for all the template legal work will based on outcomes, not on billable hours. This is intended to encourage fast early template legal work. This should nevertheless be very profitable work for law firm because clients are paying for speed and hours are minimised. This also enables the law firm to quickly move on to a much broader range of new work at the corporate and its IV.

Learning and Development

The skills needed by Corporate Entrepreneurs and Founder/CEOs for a Corporate Innovation Vehicle (IV) are a hybrid between corporates and tech giants. New learning and development programmes especially for the very different leadership skills will be important from the outset.

Marketing and PR

Corporate Entrepreneurs and Founder/CEOs can immediately generate income streams for their major corporate sponsors from the use of INNOVO Network, the B2B trading platform, for buying and selling all goods and services:
Marketing agencies have important roles to play in its deployment at the outset: and PR firms can also become marketing affiliates and leverage the extensive content in the INNOVO Newsroom:


The immediate introduction of B2B trading via INNOVO Network at a proportion of major corporates will require consultancy input across a range of corporate functions:

Who We Are

It is essential that you share our values:

  • We strive for the highest ethical standards. This is reflected in the retrospective fairness that underpins all our contracts, governance and relationships.
  • We have a parallel commitment to commercialising innovation and to making a difference to good causes:

If you don’t share these values, INNOVO will not work for you.

How to Register as a Service Provider

Please register as a service provider on INNOVO Network:
Corporates and their JVs can post up their requests for services on INNOVO Network.

Introduce New and Existing Clients

As well as waiting for a corporate and/or its JV to post up its needs, you can proactively introduce new and existing corporate clients to the opportunities to rapidly deploy the 5 driving forces of Tech tornadoes for their own organisation. Besides giving them access to the best talent, the latest technologies and substantial growth capital, you are triggering their needs for your services both at the corporate and its Cyclone JV.

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